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These preservative treatments are carried out to meet the requirements of the eventual end use to the timbers. Use Classes from EN 335 define the protection required depending upon the end use. For instance, timbers used externally, and particularly those in permanent ground contact, will require a more robust preservative protection than timbers used internally within a building.  Learn more about our important Use Classes from our information document. 

Tanalith PTT  TANALITH Treatment

Our main treatment involves a high pressure impregnation process with TANALITH wood preservative. The preservative is forced deep into the cellular structure of the timbers and provides a long term protection for timbers in all of the Use Class categories – construction, cladding, fencing, decking, landscaping and engineering timbers.

TANALITH preservative is used throughout the world for the protection of construction and landscaping timbers. It has unique and award winning BARamine application technologies incorporated which help provide the most robust of protection.

The TANALITH treated timbers have an initial pale green colouration which slowly weathers to a warm honey brown and eventually a natural silver grey. The change in colour does not diminish the long term preservative protection provided.

Play timbers       post and rail

Click here to view a typical TANALITH treatment (video).

Tanatone PTTTANATONE Treatment

We also offer TANATONE treatment as a different colour option. This treatment has all the protection benefits of TANALITH treatment but also incorporates a rich brown initial colouration. This colour acts as a great base coat for further staining or will fade to a lighter brown, to tinted green and eventually driftwood grey if left untouched/­maintained.

TANATONE treatment is particularly suitable for rough sawn fencing and landscaping timber applications.

Tanatone fence      WB decking

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