North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

Envi­ron­mental policy

North West Timber Treatments Ltd. (NWTT) are a manufacturer and supplier of timber, timber products and building materials operating out of the company headquarters in Ashton in Makerfield.

We supply the products across the North West. At NWTT we recognise that our daily operations, services and products have both positive and negative en­vi­ron­men­tal impacts on both a local and a global scale.


This envi­ron­men­tal Policy is applicable to any operations or services taking place on the NWTT site on Lockett Road, Ashton in Makerfield. It includes all NWTT staff and company vehicles operating beyond the site boundaries. The en­vi­ron­men­tal impacts of NWTT products are also included within the scope of this EMS.


NWTT recognise that businesses have a responsibi­lity to account for their en­vi­ron­men­tal impacts. The company therefore aims to minimise its en­vi­ron­mental impact where possible and continually improve through the following principles:

  •  Applying best available practices of En­vi­ron­mental Management
  • We will set envi­ron­men­tal improvement objectives, monitor performance, and review on a continuing basis.
  • Promoting and raising awareness of sustainable practice throughout the company, including; raw material efficiency, energy efficiency and prevention of pollution.
  • Implementing a system where the company keeps up to date with changes in legislation in order to fully comply with applicable en­vi­ron­men­tal legislation, any other requirements to which the company subscribes and its Interested Parties.
  • Commitment to purchasing timber from legal sources through auditing our own suppliers in accordance with the laws of their country. The company unreservedly condemns illegal logging.
  • Minimising waste production, re-using materials where possible and recycling before considering disposal.
  • Identify key envi­ron­men­tal effects and monitor where possible to ensure that continual improvement is achieved through the setting of realistic objectives and targets which are reviewed annually.
  • Commu­nica­ting this policy throughout the company and making it available to the public and any other interested parties.
  • Reviewing and updating this policy annually in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 En­vi­ron­men­tal Management System.


Roger Mayor 
Managing Director

13th February 2017