North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

FSC® and PEFC Certificates

The North West Timber Treatments Group is committed to sourcing our timber and products from ethical and envi­ron­men­tally sustainable suppliers. North West Timber Treatments was an early adopter of the FSC® & PEFC certificates in 2008.

Both trade certificates mean that the products you purchase can be traced from the point of purchase right through to the forest that the tree was cut from, both FSC and PEFC have strict regulations that govern forests to ensure that:

  • Biodiversity is maintained
  • There is no excessive defor­es­ta­tion
  • Trees exported from forests are replaced by replanted trees
  • Stakeh­olders, local communities are not adversely affected from defor­es­ta­tion
  • Workers rights are protects throughout the supply chain

FSC Objectives can be found here.

PEFC Objectives can be found here.

NWTT Ltd. recognizes the importance of envi­ron­mental respon­sibility, which is why every effort is made to source products from the UK, to minimize carbon emissions from distri­bution. As a supplier of Chain of Custody Certified Products we are audited each year by an independent regulator to ensure that over 70% of our products come from sustainable sources.

What Timber do you sell that is FSC or PEFC?

  • We can provide any timber size or product as Chain of Custody Certified Products providing it is not a hardwood
  • Most External Timbers, (ungraded) can be supplied as FSC Mix 70%
  • Most Internal Timbers, (Joinery grade) can be supplied as 70% PEFC Certified
  • For particle board, fibreboard, plywood or graded timber it varies from our suppliers so you would need to enquire

FSC® Products are available on request

For more information about our supply chain management, and envi­ron­mental commitments please contact info@­nwtt.­co.­uk