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Gutter Maintenance or Repair?

Broken Gutter

If your gutter has any splits or cracks, then it is time for a repair! These cracks will allow for water to seep into the fascia boards behind the guttering, causing even more damage to your property.

Cracks or splits are often caused by standing water or the weight of debris.

TOP TIP! To avoid this happening again, make sure that you are regularly clearing your gutters.

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Leaky Gutter

Are there pools of mould or water forming from your gutter? This could be telling you that the gutters are blocked. . . However, it could also mean that there is a defect in your guttering system.

We would recommend checking to see if there is a blockage that needs to be removed. If there is nothing to be found, then it is time to repair your guttering.

Sagging Gutter

Are your gutters beginning to sag? This usually means that the weight of debris and water is too much for the guttering to handle.

If the guttering is only sagging slightly then these blockages can easily be removed. However, if they are pulling away from the property then it is time to get them replaced. 

It could also be the ideal time to replace your fascia boards with modern, clean plastic fascia, available at North West Timber Treatments to match or contrast your guttering.

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