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Creative Ways To Use Decorative Aggregates

Creative uses for Decorative Stones

In this blog post I will discuss some of the best ways you can use decorative aggregates to really give your home that additional ‘wow’ factor you may have been looking for. If that be for now or even something you’re looking to do when the weather picks up a bit, all these ideas are absolutely worth writing down!

1. Creating Borders
This is arguably the most common use for decorative stones, although usually people tend to just use the easier option of just soil. Whereas the soil looks good, I believe that the use of a decorative pebble or slate just looks that little bit better. By scattering these on top of your soil that’s surrounding grass, pathways or even flower beds, you can make it much more eye catching for yourself, or even visitors by going that extra mile and adding decorative stones to your borders.

2. Creating a pathway
Similar to number 1, using decorative slates, stones, or pebbles to create a pathway leading from your patio to the grass, or grass to your shed can be a simple but effective way of standing out from the crowd. With the wide range of colours and shapes to choose from, this method for a pathway creates a unique stretch across the garden to create an easy passage to anything you may need from your garden area.

3. Replacing Mulch With Decorative Stone
While you can use mulch for multiple reasons in your garden, there are also areas in your garden where you can replace mulch with decorative stone. You can do this in places where mulch is not needed to fertilize the ground. For example, if you’re lining the area around your back wall / conservatory with mulch, you could use decorative stone instead. These stones will require much less maintenance while adding some colour and a bit of texture to the whole area, really bringing it to life.

I hope that these Ideas have helped to give you some inspiration for any decorative stone work you may be planning to do in your garden. If it has, why not go and take a look at the wide range that we offer here. These are all currently at 20% off in small bags until the end of January.