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Benefits of using Porcelain Paving

Why should you go for porcelain paving?

The first thing you will see when it comes to porcelain paving is its powerful appearance creating a unique, modern look for your internal/­external surfaces or even for your footpaths or patio areas. Available in a range of colours and finishes, porcelain paving is a diverse garden material that can be used in virtually any project from a straigh­tforward traditional area, through to a more experimental modern space. With the capacity to be used both indoors and outdoors, porcelain slabs give you the opportunity to make a clean visual between internal and external spaces for a true modern feel.

Although it is next to impossible to make some sort of paving area maintenance free, porcelain paving is the closest you will get to that, reducing the amount of work you will have to do while still looking as remarkable as ever. Due to the manuf­ac­turing process, porcelain tiles absorb very little water, meaning they are resistant to stains, frost and, to an extent, prevent moss and algae growth. With the material being scratch and stain resistant, making it ideal for areas that tend to be walked about on more often. They are also abrasion resistant which means that they are less likely to be damaged by extreme weather conditions and even slip resistant in wet conditions. making them something worth considering for your patio area.

Porcelain paving is something that we are fans of here at NWTT and this is a product we have stocked for a while now, we sell this in ‘patio packs’ of around 26m² in colours of Crema, Ciro and Greco.

Porcelain has the properties of being frost proof, colour fast and impermeable making it hard wearing, and more resistant to grime, mould, and staining. Furthermore, the surface is created to be less slippery than many alternative surfaces making Villa Porcelain suitable for swimming pool surrounds. It achieves R11 slip skid value as a minimum. All Villa Porcelain is supplied as a rectified product, which achieves better dimensional plan tolerances.

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