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Benefits of switching to Artificial Grass

Why you should make the switch to artificial grass

Have you been looking at switching to artificial grass, but you still aren’t sure? In this blog I am going to run through some of the key benefits to making the switch from normal grass to the modern solution which is Artificial Grass. Admittedly, if you enjoy a bit of gardening in your spare time then this may not be the product for you, but for those who haven’t got the time, energy or just prefer to make life as easy as possible for yourself, then this is just for you!

  1. Low Maintenance
    Artificial grass is renowned for its little to no maintenance benefit, if you ever find yourself needing to clean it, all it takes is a quick brush over and its good as new, staying green and fresh all year round - as opposed to getting the old lawnmower out the shed, plugging it in and spending valuable free time cutting it down only for it to be back to its old state a few weeks later.
  2. Child & Pet Friendly
    Artificial grass is known to be safe for children and dogs to play on. This is due to it being clean, having no muddy areas, as well as not having any weeds which means that there is no use for weed killers, or any other chemicals making it a safe place for both to enjoy. Another benefit is that due to it being an artificial surface, this makes it a much easier surface to clean up your pet’s mess, but the cleanest way to remove this would be through using water rather than picking it up.

  1. Quick Installation
    DIY artificial grass installation is considered to be a straightforward task. If all is done right it can last up to 10 years (For some). It can be made easier for you by being done by a professional but if you feel like going for it yourself then why not? All it takes is one google search to have all the information needed right in your hands.

We hope that these few benefits have made your decision on switching to artificial grass a bit easier and if you would like further information on the types that we sell, check out some of the features in the table below and give us a call on 01942 720777!

La Cala Bowland Augusta Premium

- Total Height: 30mm
- Total Weight: 2185g/m2
- Warranty: 10 Years
- UV Resistance: 10 Years
- Width: 4mtr
- Drainage: 60ltrs / min / m2
- Dtex: 8800

- Total Height: 40mm
- Total Weight: 2890g/m2
- Warranty: 10 Years
- UV Resistance: 8 Years
- Width: 4mtr

- Total Height: 38mm
- Total Weight: 2885g/m2
- Warranty: 10 Years
- UV Resistance: 10 Years
- Width: 4mtr & 5mtr
- Drainage: 60ltrs / min / m2
- Stitches/dm: 24

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