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Push Bar To Open — Photolu­min­escent

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This Scan high-intensity safety sign is made from 1.3mm thick, rigid material. It is printed using UV resistant inks, which resist fading. The background of this sign is photolu­min­escent, which means that is glows and can be seen in the dark. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive with no lead of phosphorous. The sign is easy to read with clear instruction and illus­tra­tion.

Exceeds PSPA Class 1 classi­fica­tion.
Complies with BS5499 and/or ISO 7010 design criteria where applicable.

The SCA1584 safety sign has the following specifi­cations:
Size: 200 x 300mm
Message: 'Push bar to open'.

If you have any questions about our Push Bar To Open - Photolu­min­escent Signs then call our sales team on 01942 720777 or email us at sales@­nwtt.­co.­uk

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