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World Habitat Day 2021

World Habitat Day

This Monday, we celebrate world habitat day, a day which is marked on the first Monday of every October since 1986. This year’s theme is accelerating urban action for a carbon free world. Cities are responsible for some 70 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions with transport, buildings, energy, and waste management accounting for the bulk of urban greenhouse gas emissions.

NWTT as a company have many procedures in place to attempt to keep our environmental impact as low as possible and aims to continually improve through the following principles:

Applying best available practices of Environmental Management

We will set environmental improvement objectives, monitor performance, and review on a continuing basis.

Promoting and raising awareness of sustainable practice throughout the company, including raw material efficiency, energy efficiency and prevention of pollution.

Implementing a system where the company keeps up to date with changes in legislation to fully comply with applicable environmental legislation, any other requirements to which the company subscribes and its Interested Parties.

Commitment to purchasing timber from legal sources through auditing our own suppliers in accordance with the laws of their country. The company unreservedly condemns illegal logging.      

Following FSC® & PEFC guidelines and regulations to ensure that biodiversity is maintained, trees exported from forests are replaced by replanted trees, Stakeholders and local communities are not adversely affected from deforestation and that Workers rights are protects throughout the supply chain.

Minimizing waste production, re-using materials where possible and recycling before considering disposal.

Identify key environmental effects and monitor where possible to ensure that continual improvement is achieved through the setting of realistic objectives and targets which are reviewed annually.

For this year’s world habitat day, why not play your part where you can and assist your hometown in the race to becoming carbon free. This can be done by anything along the lines of recycling correctly, walking or cycling to work, using public transport, or even helping spread the word, every little helps and drive us all towards a cleaner, carbon free future.

NWTT currently operate from 5 sites strategically situated around the North west of England, to ensure that our customers are never too far away for a collection or delivery and by purchasing from our family run timber and builders merchant you can rest assured that you are also playing your part by buying local from a company that supports sustainability and World habitat day.

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