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Winter Offers: The Stanley Tradecut Handsaw

Our selection of October Offers has proved a big hit among NWTT customers, prompting us to extend the selection. Here we look at two products from our featured range, on which you can save up to 27.5% on our already-competitive prices.

Stanley Tradecut Handsaw

When it comes to cutting tools, there aren't many brand names in the business that can come close to Stanley for reputation of professional quality. Stanley is synonymous with high-performance and the company's Tradecut handsaw is absolutely no exception. Designed for use on all types of wood and wood-based materials, the Tradecut Handsaw from Stanley is loaded with professional features that make it an essential piece of any building contractors' or DIYers' kit.

Combining comfort with control is a Stanley speciality. The Tradecut Handsaw has an ergo­nomi­cally-designed bi-material handle, designed to be slip resistant and to reduce fatigue while sawing. This innovative handle also has a contoured index-finger grip to improve cut alignment. The blade has triple-ground teeth to deliver the quickest, most efficient and most accurate cutting experience on both the push and pull stroke.

As well as being heat-treated and induction-hardened, the teeth of this remarkable cutting tool feature improved geometry, resulting in quality finished with far less breakout and splinters. Robust, durable and versatile, the blade of the Tradecut Handsaw is designed for heavy duty work with no loss of performance.

The Stanley Tradecut Handsaw is now available from NWTT with a tasty 10% discount. This is just one of the many products available in the 'Featured' section of our website so browse now to discover more.

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