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Winter Offers Extended: Timber at NWTT

The NWTT selection of Winter Offers has once again been extended and there are now 25+ items available with significant price discounts of up to 27.5%. Here we look at two types of timber that are included in the promotion, which is ongoing throughout December.

50mm X 25mm Roofing Battens: Save 15%!

Roofing battens, also known as roofing laths, are used to provide a reliable and secure fixing point for shingles, tiles and other roofing materials. Applied horizontally (similar to purlins), roofing battens are spaced on rafters or trusses as required. The 50mm x 25mm size is one of the most commonly used and each batten measures 4.8m in length, making them a cost-effective and versatile option.

These type-A roofing battens have been subject to a high-pressure impregnation process using TANALITH wood preser­vative. Forced to migrate deeply into the cellular structure of the wood, this preservative delivers long-term protection, ensuring a durable, professional finish every time.

100mm X 47mm C16 Untreated Softwood: Save 15%!

The term 'C16' refers to the strength grade of timer, taking into account such charac­te­ristics as grain, fissures and knots. These 2.4m lengths of C16 untreated softwood are of structural grade and provide a cost-effective option for facilitating small building jobs including joist work, decking support and roof extensions. C16 untreated softwood from NWTT is kiln-dried and is an ideal carcassing material with hundreds of other uses.

Our selection of winter offers, which includes a diverse array of products from roof tiles and thermal blocks to fencing components and power tools, is available until the end of December 2019. As the month progresses, we will be adding new items to the promotion so please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and lots of other news, articles, features, special offers and more.

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