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Windbreak Fencing - Protection Where it's Needed Most

Windbreak fencing is manufactured from HDPE plastic and comprises a hexagonal mesh which, through its apertures, reduces the speed of wind passing through it by up to 50%. It is often used to protect animals in agricultural areas and plants in horti­cul­tural facilities such as nurseries while more industrial appli­cations, such as protecting partially-constructed buildings, are also suitable candidates.

Timber fencing posts are used to batten windbreak fencing to, ensuring that that mesh is properly secured and tightened. Failing to properly fix the mesh fencing could result in it blowing down as individual filaments break at the point of attachment. A straining line wire will provide added strength and the plastic material is also resistant to rot to ensure a long service life.

Windbreak fencing from NWTT Timber Merchants is coloured a bright orange to improve visibility and safety and a 50-metre roll costs just £30.00 exc. VAT. As with our entire product range, quality is absolutely guaranteed and our dedicated customer service team will be on hand to offer clear, competent and relevant support. Delivery is fast and reliable to ensure that you can get the security you need for the continuing destructive weather.

Order your windbreak fencing today and be ready for the high winds that look set to continue throughout this coming week and perhaps right into Easter weekend. Protect your property from the worst Mother Nature can throw at it by purchasing quality windbreak fencing from NWTT Timber Supplies - the best in the North West!

Have you checked out our other fencing products? We offer a full complement of concrete and timber fencing and can help you achieve exactly the right bespoke solution. Just give our experts a call or send us an email to get started.

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