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Why you should sign up to our mail list today!

Why should you sign up to our mail list today!

Be the first to hear about offers, clearances and news

As a benefit of signing up to our mail list, you will be the first to hear about any special offers / clearance deals which we are putting out on that weekend. As we at NWTT like to keep our customers updated regularly to let them know what is going on here at our 5 depots throughout the North west of England.

Personalized emails

Upon signing up, our marketing team will investigate which products suit your industry and put together a personalized email containing products which you may be interested in which are on sale, as well as which products we sell which you may be interested in, tailoring the email to you, the customer making signing up to our mail list worth your time.

Regular updates

We work hard to make sure that you will be updated on any related news in our industry to keep you updated on anything from shortages to longer lead times and even any related news which we feel is relevant to the industry and the public.

What days will we email you?

We will send out 2 emails per week both consisting of different contents of which we hope should grab your attention and keep your eye out for the next one.


Personalized email tailored to suit you and your industry providing you with the most relevant products to your trade/job of which you may be on with at that moment in time.


A weekly email discussing this week’s blog with a direct link to our page to have a read if you find yourself with a spare 10 minutes to keep updated. As well as that we will include a section which goes through the special offers of which we are carrying out that weekend and providing a direct link for you to look for yourself.


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