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What can I use Planed All Round (PAR) Timber for?

What can I use Planed All Round (PAR) Timber for?

Planed All Round otherwise known as PAR or PSE (Planed Square Edge) Is a machined section of timber that originally had a sawn appearance and has been processed to a smooth/planed finish, generally undersized from its original sawn state. Providing a smooth and straight edged finish for a reliable, smart looking timber which can be used for many different things, which I have begun to explain below…

Wall Coverings

Due to its straight and smooth finish, PAR is an ideal option for contemporary horizontal fencing or wall paneling in your home and a no brainer for its surface makes it great to touch compared to rougher sawn timber which can be stained or painted in a better finish.


A common use for PAR due to once again, its smooth and straight finish. PAR shelving will transform your home aesthetically as well as providing a bit more floor space due to you being able to raise ornaments, lamps, and many more things from your floor. Whether you want to make a small shelf to help de-clutter the house, or a full shelving unit that could easily be purchased in a store for much more, there's plenty of online guides which can provide some fantastic inspiration. Although, depending on the weight of the load you plan to stack on these shelves, you may want to look in to a thicker a softwood or a stronger hardwood option may be worth considering.

Garden Furniture

For the more experienced DIY enthusiasts, the possibilities for making garden furniture with PAR can go as far as the mind will take you. You could make picnic tables, benches, planters, garden pergola and much more with this unique style of timber due to its many qualities, and because of this it makes it an ideal item for anyone out there who wants to get stuck in and use their imagination.

If you’re looking for a project of your own to start up in your spare time, on weekends or something to keep you occupied during the week, why not shop for our PAR timbers, available in many different shapes, sizes as well as treatment types for the outdoor work. Click here to take a look!

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But Please Note:

*Shades & Sizes May Vary, Random Lengths only.

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