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Weat­her­pro­ofing for Winter

Now that we have said goodbye to summer, it's time to start thinking about weat­her­pro­ofing for the upcoming autumn and winter. NWTT supply a wide range of products designed to protect structures from the elements and here we look at two of our consistent bestsellers.

Liberon Exterior Wood Protector

A robust and versatile product designed to offer lasting protection to most kinds of exposed timber, Liberon Exterior Wood Protector is quick-drying and extremely easy to apply. Once fully dried, the product ensures a waterproof, UV-resistant finish on either vertical or horizontal timber, making it perfect for use on fences, pergolas, balustrades, summer houses, sheds, garden furniture and more.

Though the protective barrier formed by Liberon Exterior Wood Protector strongly resists weathering, UV light and extreme tempe­ratures, it has a completely clear finish. This means that the natural colour and appearance of the timber it is applied to is completely unaffected, retaining its natural beauty. Horizontal timber is protected for up to 1 months while vertical timber enjoys protection for a full three years.

Cromar All Weather Roof Coat

A solvent-based, cold-applied bituminous compound of impeccable quality, Cromar All Weather Rood Coat allows for fast and reliable resealing, water­pro­ofing and repair of most types of roof covering. Simply and quickly applied using a standard brush, the product contains added organic fibre, designed to add both strength and stability to any roof.

Once applied, Cromar All Weather Roof Coat is resistant to water ingress immediately, making it particularly suitable for emergency roof repairs. It can also be used as a vapour barrier. Extremely versatile, Cromar All Weather Roof Coat can be used on roofs made from asphalt, felt, concrete, slate, tile, metal and many more.

Prepare for the winter NOW with these and more weat­her­pro­ofing products from NWTT!

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