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Uses for timber in the industry

The use of timber in everyday life is something that has really stood the test of time. Uses for timber in building and construction traces back to as early as 100 B.C. Timber was used in roof construc­tions by the Ancient Roman and Egyptian civili­zations and timber cladding was used heavily during the Anglo-Saxon period. Timber was the most important natural resource pre-civili­zation. So how have we developed since these times? 

Internal uses: 

The uses for timber are endless and can be found almost anywhere that you look, especially in your own home due to it’s durability and strength. I should also mention that timber a natural insulator and is five times more effective than concrete, so as well as keeping you nice and warm in your own home, it’s also saving you heaps of cash on bills. The use of timber when building a property cannot be understated, after all the Anglo-Saxon did use it! From studding walls, cladding flooring and roofing it really is a timeless piece of material. The fact that the evolution of its uses shows that it is just a solid piece of building material. 

Moving away from the structural use, the natural looks that timber provides for decorative purposes is becoming a popular aesthetic in many homes. There are companies out there that literally just sell timber furniture, typically oak because it’s a solid, strong and natural looking product! From dining room tables to oak doors, there is always room for timber in the home. I can say for one that I am buying a new house and we are looking at getting oak doors, banister and a kitchen worktop too, just because the look is so timeless. 

External Uses: 

Timber has been proven for great use externally and is by far the most popular material for uses such as fencing due to its sleek design, strength and durability. In more recent years timber decking has been proven a popular asset in garden areas due to the large space it creates, as well as the smart, modern look it provides to an outdoor area. 

Another thing that is increasing in popularity is timber gazebos; especially over lockdown when you couldn’t even leave your house. Many of our customers would come to us for advice on what timber is best for projects such as this! Although this may not be too appealing for some, I can say that although having just timber all around your garden may come across as bland, there are always ways to modernise it a little bit. With the gazebos for example, a family member of mine built a gazebo in their garden and added dark, frosted glass instead of timber spindles and it looks amazing! Have a look for yourself below!


Generally, timber used outdoors require a treatment to protect it from the ever changing, unpre­dic­table weather which we can improve the timbers life span due to the preser­va­tives used, improves its durability to withstand wear and tear, as well as stopping it from rotting due. A real deal breaker when looking at which products to use outdoors.­ 

The importance of using timber is vital in the construction industry due to its many qualities, although there are many alternatives out there you will typically find that your average tradesman will choose timber every single time, as well as the general public who do their own DIY work if that be in their house or in their garden.­ 

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