North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

UPVC Window Trims

25mm Dee Mould RL025W 01
  • 25mm Dee Mould RL025W 01
  • 20mm Edge Trim Mahogany RL020M 01
  • Edge Trim white
  • 12 Quadrant Rosewood RQ12R 01
  • 12mm Quadrant Light Oak RQ12C 01
  • 12mm Quadrant Mahogany RQ12M 01
  • 12mm-Quadrant
  • 12mm-Quadrant-Black
  • 17mm Quadrant Light Oak RQ17C 01
  • 17mm Quadrant Mahogany RQ17M 01
  • 17mm Quadrant Rosewood RQ17R 01
  • 17mm-Quadrant-Black
  • 17mm-Quadrant-Irish-
  • 17mm-Quadrant-White
  • 25x25 Angle
  • 50x50 angle
Product code SFS-RL025W
  • £2.76
  • £3.31
UPVC Window Trims, available online to order from North West Timber Treatments Ltd.
Our Window Trims come in White, Black and Anthracite
Other available colours (To Order): Rosewood, Oak, Mahogany, Irish Oak and Grey Foil
If you have any questions about our UPVC Window Trims don't hesitate to call us on 01942 720777 or email our sales team at

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