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Transform YOUR Property with NWTT Timber Decking

If you're looking for a rewarding project to improve your living space in time for summer, then you should definitely consider installing timber decking. Providing a highly-practical new space, timber decking is also particularly attractive to the eye and can add financial value to your property.


As with any construction project, it is essential to source materials of impeccable quality, which will ensure the finished structure is robust enough to last and last throughout the seasons. Here at NWTT, you can find everything you need to create timber decking that is as durable as it is aesthe­tic­ally-pleasing, from the timber itself to the fixings that hold it all together.

Timber decking centres on decking boards. Our standard economy boards are made using tough, high-quality timber and are suitable for most decking projects. For even longer-lasting and more robust decking, we recommend our heavy-duty decking boards, which have been subjected to a protective waxing treatment.

The frame that supports the decking boards must be just as tough as the boards themselves. Building such a supportive framework requires decking joists, which are also available from NWTT. Pressure treatment ensures that the finished structure is more than strong enough to support the decking boards.

Adding extra support and giving the decking a finished look are newels and spindles, a selection of which are available on our website. A base and handrail adds safety and further aesthetic attrac­ti­veness.

For more information on our selection of decking boards and other timber decking materials, please contact our team on 01942 720777 or email us at

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