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Timber Supplies from NWTT Timber Merchants

As NWTT have grown and developed, we have become a full-scale builder’s merchants offering a full complement of products to an array of industries. Our company began as a timber merchants and that is what still remains at the heart of our company - offering quality timber supplies at a fair and realistic price.

NWTT Timber Merchants supply a full complement of timber products, which are infinitely customisable and range across a full seventeen individual categories in order for our customers to specify their exact requ­ire­ments.

Softwood is one of our signature products and, extremely versatile, is used across a multitude of applications from construction to craft. NWTT Timber Merchants can quickly and expertly supply anything from ungraded rough-sawn and C-16 graded softwood ideal for garden fencing to best-selling Planed All Round (PAR) redwood or whitewood. A full variety of options, including cutting, width, treatment and length, can easily be accommodated by our expert team.

Another popular section from our timber supplies website is timber cladding, which continues to increase in popularity. NWTT offer a specially-designed collection of timber cladding solution which, using timber of superlative quality, gives the most handsome visual aesthetic combined with protective, highly-engineered form.

Incised timber is another NWTT Timber Supplies speciality. Each piece is incised with regular indentations that allow wood treatments to penetrate much deeper than it would on non-incised timber supplies, extending the timber’s service life. Once again, a full range of bespoke options is immediately available.

These are just some of the many timber supplies available now from NWTT Timber Merchants. Call us today to find out more on 01942 720777 or email

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