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Summer Savings!

June is well underway and so are our special offers for this month. This time around we have decided to up the ante and really drive the bargains to you. With everything going on at the minute, we feel like you deserve a bit of joy, even if it is just a cheaper bit of materials for you or your trade. NWTT work hard to keep the stocks high and the prices low, and this is something we have prided ourselves on for decades.

A new addition to our offers on rotation is sheet materials, we have decided to do a category wide offer on these, with their prices constantly increasing over the last year or so due to export issues and shortages, we feel like now is the best time to give you the very best price we can to make that job just a little bit easier for you. If you would like to check them out, click here!

Another new inclusion is our Indian Stone Project packs, these are a sleek modern answer to paving, which can be used to create a pathway, open up an area for social activities or just relaxing. With their unique designs and clean finish, these are a must have for anyone looking to really boost the appearance of their garden space. Click here to see more!

Our graded timbers such as C16 and C24 have been on special offer for quite some time now, but this month around we have decided to increase the savings you make! Our selected sizes of C16 Graded Timber are now available at up to 25% off many untreated and green treated product lines, whereas our C24 Graded Timber are now flying off the shelves at 20% off many untreated and green treated product lines! If you would like to check out what you can be saving exactly click here!

As well as these fantastic offers, you can find deals on plenty other categories such as: Softwood Sleepers, fencing timbers, Building Materials, Agricultural timbers and much more as the month goes on!

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