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Summer Nights on Timber Decking Boards...

The heavy snow and ice seems to have mostly cleared up again though it has got everyone here at NWTT Timber Supplies longing for the summer! Those warm, lazy nights spent stretched out in the garden with a cool drink on your gorgeous timber decking boards... Wait, you forgot the decking! Start building now and be ready for summer with NWTT Timber and Building Supplies.

Adding timber decking to an outdoor space totally transforms both the way it looks and the way it is used. Decking provides an attractive and practical area for eating, working or just relaxing and, if built to a professional standard, will add to the value of a home and offer many years of low-maintenance service. NWTT proudly supply everything necessary to create successful, lasting timber decking structures from the timber itself to the screws and nails that hold it all securely together.

As with every structural project, a proper foundation is key to successfully creating a safe timber decking instal­la­tion. To create this strong and durable framework, use our solid decking joists - pressure-treated to ensure longevity, these decking joists are built to last and provide the necessary support for decking boards.

Decking boards will provide the walking surface and must therefore be made of prime quality timber to ensure strength as well as aesthetic appeal. Though we can also fulfil bespoke orders, NWTT Timber Supplies hold two varieties of decking boards in stock - economy (125mm x 32mm) and heavy-duty (125mm x 38mm) - both of which are manufactured using quality softwood. The heavy-duty boards have also been coated with protective wax to make them more suitable for high-frequency use.

Extra support and the vital visual finishing touch is provided in the form of spindles and newels, of which NWTT Timber Supplies stock a crucial selection. Add bases and handrails to get that perfect look and start enjoying your new outdoor space - all we are waiting for now is the sunshine to come back…

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