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Stay Safe This Winter

They say we are in for one of the coldest Winters on record, of course they say that every year, and i'm not even completely sure who they actually are, nevertheless it is always great to be prepared, and we have a number of products that can help make your Winter that little bit brighter.

The ice can be cruel, I have been victim to it a number of times in my life, no amount of grip on your shoes can seem to save you from an embar­rassing fall, but our Winter Grit can help, it can prevent the slippery conditions before they even start.

I don't think I need to say this but I will anyway, Winter can get awfully cold, and our Craftmans Winter Jacket is exactly what you need if you are planning on braving the harsh conditions this season. It's not just your person that needs keeping warm, your house needs to be toasty, especially if you are the one hosting the Christmas dinner (nobody wants frozen Brussels sprouts). So make sure you take a look at our Insulation, perfect for keeping your whole house warm this Winter, and for cutting down on the heating bills.

While you are inside with your slippers on spare a thought for the garden tools and furniture freezing (and rusting) in your back garden or in your old, cold shed, they too deserve a nice place to spend the Winter months, so treat them well with a brand new Shed from our range, we have a shed perfect for any garden, and guaranteed to keep your garden appliances dry and rust free.

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and we at North West Timber Treatments are determined to make it safer, warmer, easier and cheaper for as many people as we can, so make sure to browse our range and see what we can do for you this Christmas.

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