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Spend and Save in our Massive Sale!

If you like to get your hands on a good bargain (and who doesn't?!), then you're going to love our updated 'Sale' section. A giant, grown-up lucky dip of tools and materials, the section currently has almost 40 items reduced in price by 10% - see below for a sneak preview of what's in the box then dig in to the full collection for yourself!

Thousands of people are taking advantage of the warm weather by getting out in the garden to repair winter damage and protect against the next cold and wet season. Part of this essential process is timber care and Cuprinol, whose products famously do 'exactly what it says on the tin', produce a popular and effective one -coat timber treatment system. Cuprinol Timbercare is a fast-drying, safe formula with a low odour level that can be used without damaging nearby grass or plants. Available in four colours and offering instant protection, this product is flying off the shelves so make sure you are stocked up!

Fatmax is part of the world-famous Stanley range of tools. Perhaps most famous for their blades and cutting tools, Stanley have been producing a compre­hen­sive collection of tools for many years and actually began life as a maker of bolts and other door hardware in 1843. We are proud to present the Fatmax Tape Blade Armor which offers the user complete control thanks to its precision 10m long extra wide blade and ergonomic cushion grip. Resistant to corrosion and with a mylar-wrapped coating to extend the life of the blade as much as ten times longer than if it were uncoated, this professional tool should be in every construction and renovation worker's kit.

Used to transfer angles between pieces of work with total accuracy, the 5025 Sliding Bevel is designed to the highest quality standard. Formed from tough and durable plastic with strong shock-resistant qualities, the tool has a precision-machined face and a sliding blade fabricated from hardened blue steel. Once the correct angle is located, the bevel locks securely into place with its integral sliding blade, controlled safely by a chrome-plated metal locking lever.

Check out the rest of our 'Sale' section and see what you can find!

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