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Softwood Timber: Our Compre­hen­sive Collection

Though, over many years of successful trading, North West Timber Treatments has become a compre­hen­sive builder's merchant, Timber remains at the core of our business. We are expert suppliers of an extensive, compre­hen­sive collection of timber materials designed to suit all appli­cations.

When it comes to construction work such as supporting flooring and roofs and other internal work, our experts at NWTT recommend C24 softwood. This treated timber is available in a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate every eventuality and here we look in more detail at the treatment process that makes the product so strong, robust and durable.

C24 softwood is treated with industry-leading TANALITH wood preservative, which is impregnated into the timber at extremely high pressure. This forces the preservative deep into the wood, penetrating at a cellular level to deliver long term protection, preventing the timber from trotting or being damaged as a result of the elements.

C24 graded, kiln-dried softwood timber should be cut with a quality blade such as the DeWalt Circular Saw Blade, also available from NWTT. Designed to be easily fitted to portable machines for the purpose of sawing softwood and composite materials, the blades deliver unmatched speed, precision, smoothness and durability, making them ideal for even demanding jobsite operations. With a unique wedged shoulder to protect carbide from nail impact, DeWalt Circular Saw Blades are the choice of profes­si­onals when it comes to cutting softwood.

We invite you to browse the massive collection of softwood timber on our website. Here you will find many structural timbers, all made using our quality softwood.

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