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Shortages of timber throughout the industry 05/08/2021

The BBC have recently published an article discussing the current shortage of timber throughout Europe due to high demand post lockdown. This has affected all the industry right throughout the chain and stock levels look to be at a all time low. These current events can cause multiple changes throughout the timber industry such as increased lead times & increased rates.

Due to the end of lockdown demand has increased signi­fic­antly with builders and construction workers struggling to get supplies, this has caused prices to increase throughout the last few months and members of the Timber Trade federation (TTF) have said that suppliers are working around the clock but struggling to keep up.

The article highlighted that the UK imports around 80% of its timber but people are now starting to suggest that the UK’s forestry industry needs to be nurtured. Our government has said they are committed to trebling the tree planting rates by the end of this parliament to boost the supply and demand for UK grown timber. There was also a mention that Sweden, which supplies almost half of the structural timber in the UK, has recorded its lowest stock levels for the last 20 years.

Many other factors are causing the shortages to only get worse with David Hopkins, chief executive of the TTF, saying "The pandemic has been the biggest factor causing the problems between supply and demand… but there are other factors at play. We've got these huge forest fires raging across North America that will take lots of timber out of production. Another factor is that due to climate change, many ash trees are being infected by ash dieback, making trees more vulnerable to pests and infection.

Us at NWTT are trying our best to provide the best rates possible for you, the customer as we are all being affected by the currently climate of the industry. One of the BBC’s most viewed articles last week was regarding the increased prices of fuel, NWTT have managed to maintain our delivery fees throughout the year despite this increase. As well as maintaining delivery costs we have put up multiple special offers on items we consider to be ‘essentials’ for all your DIY and building work you may be doing throughout the back end of this summer. If you would like to see more on these offers, please check out the link below.

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*Information sourced from the BBC website