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Seasonal Savers: Fencing and More at NWTT

Welcome to winter! Though there is still well over a month left in the autumn, the weather has already taken a dramatic turn for the worse with low tempe­ratures, strong winds and plenty of rain battering the UK recently. Here at NWTT, we have a wide range of products in stock ready to help YOU stand up to the weather over the coming season.

Orange Windbreak FencingFencing PinsCBS54CP540900 

  • Windbreak Fencing: supplied in an economical 50m roll, windbreak fencing from NWTT is ideal for creating effective temporary barriers and is widely used in maintenance, renovation and construction projects. This product is rendered in a high-visibility orange colouration to enhance levels of safety during use and is guaranteed to provide an efficient defence against strong wind
  • Fencing Pins: designed for use with our orange windbreak fencing, these pins are manufactured to be robust against corrosion caused by moisture. By simply inserting the pins firmly into soft ground and attaching windbreak fencing, you can effectively create temporary fenced-off areas in minutes
  • CarPlan Blue Star Anti-Freeze: every motorist has experienced the incon­veni­ence caused by a non-starting car during cold weather. At a 50% dilution, CarPlan Blue Star Anti-Freeze is designed to offer protection right down to -36°c, far colder than standard UK winter weather. It's also ideal for use as an engine coolant in suitable systems and has an effective period of up to two years
  • HD Thermal Grip Gloves: working outdoors during cold weather can be a miserable experience and many gloves designed to keep your hands warm can have a negative effect on dexterity. HD Thermal Grip Gloves from NWTT solve both problems at a stroke, offering plenty of thermal protection combined with a tough, effective grip so you can continue to work unimpeded

Get ready for a safer, warmer and more productive winter with these and more products from the superlative NWTT collection. Browse now.

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