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SAWZALL® FANGTIP™ NAIL GUARD™ Sabre Blade 150mm 5 tpi (5)

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Milwaukee SAWZALL® Sabre Blades with FANGTIP™ for faster plunge cutting and reaching into restricted areas, with NAIL GUARD™ for protecting the tooth during nail impacts for increased durability and life time.

Has a strong 1.25mm thick blade body that provides good blade strength and improves the working lifetime of the blade which makes it ideal for cutting wood with nails or bolts. It has a fast, aggressive 5 TPi geometry that removes more material per stroke for faster cutting.

The blade has a shatter resistant, bi-metal construction that allows the blade to bend and flex without breaking.

Milwaukee SAWZALL® FANGTIP™ NAIL GUARD™ Sabre Blades.

Length: 150mm.
TPi: 5 TPi.
Cutting capacity: wood: 100mm, wood with nails/bolts: 100mm, PVC pipes/­plastics: 100mm.
Pack quantity: 5.

If you require further information on our SAWZALL® FANGTIP™ NAIL GUARD™ Sabre Blade 150mm 5 tpi (5) give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on sales@­nwtt.­co.­uk

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