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Rising Prices in the timber industry

As we all know, timber prices now are sky high and only going up, there are many reasons this is happening and they are all as equally crucial.

Supply Issues

Supply will tighten as 2021 progresses: sawmills in Europe normally enter a period of shutdown for repair, maintenance and holidays in June and July. During this time demand continues to be high, particularly for structural and other softwood materials, panel products and hardwoods, across the world. This will intensify the supply situation significantly.

Some timber-producing countries traditionally supplying the UK have instituted log export bans, which puts additional pressure on supplies. The Republic of Ireland, the nearest supplier to Britain, is having its own internal difficulties over log harvesting, impacting the UK construction supply chain

Covid-19 Situation

Due to pandemic-driven factors and high domestic and international demand, the formerly abundant stock levels enjoyed by buyers in the UK have not been able to be re-built since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, causing these shortages we have experienced over the last 18 months as well as the rising costs over the last year.


Brexit-related factors are also affecting the ability of importers to import. Around 80% of the softwood used in Britain’s building, fit out and refurbishment sectors comes in from countries in the European Union and further afield on the Continent.

Brexit-related issues, including logistics, will continue to play a part in supply problems while difficulties with due diligence paperwork and new plant health requirements, plus the situation with movements to and from Northern Ireland continue unabated. All these factors contribute to making it more difficult to import timber products to fulfil demand.

As you can see all these factors play their own part in putting the industry in the current position it is in and I imagine that this will continue to effect supply and prices in the coming months of 2021. Us at NWTT are trying our best to provide the best rates we can to you during these times searching far and white to provide the best prices and best quality products for you to use for work and for improving your own home too.

*Information provided from Timber Trade Federation*