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Professional Paving: The Porcelain Collection

Paving and tiling can create outdoor and indoor environments that are as practical as they are aesthe­tic­ally attractive. Here at NWTT, we supply an impressive collection of items designed to allow you to achieve the most professional results, whatever and wherever your proposed paving or tiling project may be.

We are proud and excited to announce that our selection of paving materials has recently been extended with the introduction of the stunning Villa and Brava Porcelain collections. Extremely versatile, the tiles are suitable for all sorts of indoor and outdoor appli­cations: they have proved particularly popular for surrounding ponds and pools, creating an extremely professional look.

Porcelain Brava

A choice of three different colour options (Crema, Ciro and Greco), all of which are of a neutral base, allows you to match almost any design aesthetic. Each tile is available in a choice of two sizes and measures 16mm in thickness. An impressive slip-skid value of R11 makes them extremely safe to walk on and, to improve cost-effec­tiveness, we also supply a patio pack containing 46 differently-sized tiles, enough to cover around 26 square metres.

Porcelain Villa

A modern European paving option ideal for creating stylish, contemporary designs, tiles from the Porcelain Villa collection are available in either Grey Naturewood or Leonardo Sand colours. Extremely robust, the tiles are available in several sizes and can be used with equal success both indoors and out.

For further information on these products, as well as related accessories like primer and grout, check the product page.

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