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Prepare your garden for Summer!

Mother’s Day on Sunday…Clock’s go forward…weather is finally improving; this can only mean that Winter is finally over, and Spring is here!

We can finally move away from worrying about whether our Fence Panels are going to survive the night or waking up and looking into the garden through your fingers hoping that your lawn isn’t waterlogged and focus on making our gardens looking great again. So, what do we think can help refurbish that winter-ridden garden of yours?

Fix that lawn!

If you need to that is of course. We have talked about the differences between artificial grass and real grass a number of times and if you are an avid Thursday NWTT Blog reader like ourselves then you know where we stand; artificial grass all the way.

Last winter seen some of the worst storms the UK has seen in years, high winds, frost and so much rain. Most people will have seen the effects of this on their lawns, especially if they have natural grass in their gardens. If you prefer naturality in the garden, then that is fair but making the switch to artificial grass comes with some great benefits. It is very low maintenance so obviously never needs cutting. It is child and pet friendly due to how easy it is to clean. The installation process is very quick, may be expensive but cost effective in the long run. And more importantly, it doesn’t need fixing after an intense winter. You can find more information on our previous blog on artificial grass here.

Update your garden with some aggregates!

There benefits to using nice decorative aggregates is a never-ending list. From making your garden look fresh and updated to providing good drainage on the borders, aggregates are just the ideal upgrade your garden needs.

You can use aggregates for creating borders to your garden, as I said before if you choose the right aggregate then it can help with drainage. Placing decorative stone in front of your fence panels also adds that extra bit of class to your garden which you don’t see a lot of nowadays.

Creating a pathway from your patio through your garden also makes a big garden statement! Say goodbye to the basic, grey, dull concrete slabs that merely exist in your garden and bring more life to it by adding colour to the garden. This will look especially nice during the summer.

You can see our creative ways to use decorative aggregates blog here.

Fancy a good decking?

Don’t worry I mean timber decking! There are 3 very simple benefits for timber decking; it’s low maintenance, creates more space more leisure and it just looks so good!

Timber decking is so easy to maintain and keep clean, quick power wash once a month if you wanted and that is all you will need to ensure that it stays in great condition all year round.

The space it creates in the garden is also fantastic. It may sound like it’s not an issue but having the likes of a seating area, playing area, barbecue area all on one space can make things seem very cluttered. Add that decking and it separates those areas yet keeps it all looking very fluid.

See more benefits of timber decking here.

Upgrade your patio.

Expensive but very much worth it. Porcelain paving in the garden before your lawn or patio is one way of saying “Look how classy I am”. It looks good, everyone knows it’s not the cheapest and it is surprisingly weather resistant. If laid properly it is very good at controlling weeds so you will never see those pesky things peaking between the cracks. Let’s say you find yourself on the patio after a rainy day, the slabs are very slip-resistant so although it has this glossy effect on your garden, it’s actually very safe. Take a look at a previous blog on porcelain paving here.

So, there you have it, what we think you should do now winter is over. Take advantage of this Spring is the nice(ish) weather and get ahead of the game in getting that garden ready and prepped for summer days and nights.

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