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Paving & Landscaping: Our Big Bank Holiday Sale!

The Bank Holiday weekend is bliss for any DIYer: having the time to spend working on your home and garden is precious. To help you enjoy your DIY projects even more, we have selected a range of landscaping and building products and knocked a further 10% off their usual, already-competitive price. Enjoy!

The Porcelain Brava Collection

This stunning collection of tiles can be purchased in any of three colours: Ciro, Greco or Crema. Ciro is light grey, Greco is dark grey and Crema, as suggested by the name, is a rich and decadent cream. All of the available tones are subtle and neutral, meaning that they will work well with any existing design aesthetic whether modern or traditional. Tiles can be purchased separately in a choice of two sizes or, for maximum cost effec­tiveness, you can also purchase our mixed patio pack.

Indian Stone Paving

With a choice of six styles available, all of which are extremely attractive in their different ways, you're sure to find something to suit the project you have in mind. As well as standard block paving, we also offer circle paving and edging, designed to facilitate your creativity. As practical as it is aesthe­tic­ally pleasing, Indian Stone Paving from NWTT is designed to be long lasting, delivering a landscaping solution unmatched in versatility. Our 10% discount is valid across the range and also applied to Nexus ProJoint™ Fusion™, a joint filler of professional quality.

Plum Slate (Bulk Bag)

Used for countless applications from rockeries and borders to footpaths and water features, Plum Slate provides a visually exciting contrast to landscaping schemes. Save 10% on a bulk bag of our Plum Slate and let your imagination run wild!

Our 10% Bank Holiday discount is only valid for a limited time so buy now and save!

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