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Paint & Accessories at NWTT: Don't Hesitate to Decorate!

The new year is a perfect time to start home improvement projects and, here at NWTT, we offer a compre­hen­sive collection of materials, tools and accessories that will allow you to achieve professional results every time. Painting and decorating is an easy yet rewarding project that will give any space a new lease of life: here we look at some of the products in our portfolio designed for this purpose.

NitroMors Paint & Varnish Remover

Proper preparation is key to the final success of any construction project. When such preparation involves the removal of existing layers of paint or varnish, NWTT can highly recommend using NitroMors Paint & Varnish Remover for fast, effective results. The all-purpose gel formula, which is coloured green to allow for perfect visibility during usage, quickly and safely strips away paint, varnish and lacquer from almost any surface, including wood, masonry and metal.

NitroMors Paint & Varnish Remover gives excellent coverage and is extremely slow to evaporate. The non-drip formula makes it ideal for use on vertical surfaces and, as it is free from dichlo­­rom­­et­­hane, it displays low volatility in comparison to dichlo­­rom­­et­­hane-based removers.

Ronseal Stays White 2-in-1

A coat of white paint gives any room an instant facelift, making it appear cleaner, larger and airier all at once. Available in either Satin or Gloss, Ronseal Stays White 2-in-1 combines primer and paint to create an easy, safe and rapid way to paint bare or worn interior wood, such as skirting boards, dado rails and door or window frames. The drip-resistant formula is guaranteed to stay white for no less than ten years.

Granocryl Masonry Paint

Available in either Smooth or Textured format, Granocryl Masonry Paint is designed to quickly give exterior masonry a new lease of life. Once applied and cured, the profes­sional-standard paint remains flexible, resisting flaking and allowing for natural surface contraction and expansion. Offering ten years of protection from weathering and preventing the accumulation of dirt, Granocryl Masonry Paint is perfect for use on most kinds of masonry including brick, concrete, rendering, roughcast and pebble-dash.

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