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OSB Building Sheets from NWTT

At North West Timber Treatments, we supply a compre­hen­sive collection of sheet materials, from plywood and chipboard to MDF and OSB. In this article, we focus on OSB sheets, all of which are available at an extremely competitive price and with the NWTT guarantee of consistently professional quality.

OSB sheets have myriad uses and are available in three different types from NWTT. These types are:

  • OSB2 Sheets: designed exclusively for non-structural building work, OSB2 sheets are extremely versatile and cost-effective. They are perfect for interior usage, displaying robust qualities that mean they will last for many years once profes­si­onally installed. Each sheet measures 2440mm x 1220mm and a choice of three thicknesses is available (8mm, 11mm and 18mm)
  • OSB3 Sheets: when it comes to exterior structural work, including roofing, hoarding and flooring, OSB3 building sheets from NWTT are hard to beat. They are available in the same choice of thicknesses as OSB2 sheets and in the same overall dimensions. OSB3 sheets are manufactured without added formaldehyde and have been specially conditioned to resist the damaging effects of water in an outdoor environment
  • OSB3 TG4E Sheets: also used for exterior structural work, these sheets measure 2400mm x 600mm and are supplied at an standard thickness of 18mm

    To find out more information about our OSB sheets, check out the product pages and do not hesitate to contact our technical team for expert advice!

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