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NWTT - Transforming Your Garden this Summer

Transforming Your Garden This Summer: NWTT

Full swing into the British summer, now is the perfect chance to cheer up a tired looking garden. All of our products come with reliable expert advice just a phone call or email away. Tidying and general improvement of a garden can reflect on your home in value and in warmth.

Here at NWTT we have all the products you’ll need to put some life into your garden, no matter the shape or size.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture has the ability to transform a garden into something more personal. As we pass into and through summer, it’s important the furniture that you choose can stand the test of time and Britain’s ever changing weather.

Whether you’re going for a modern or more traditional looks, North West Timber Treatments has what you’re looking for.

Our conversation table and chair set (sold separately) is ideal for a paved area when sitting outside. Its compact shaped also allows you not to feel cramped in your garden, and creates more space because of this.

A picnic table is more ideal for a larger spaced garden looking to add a classic touch. Our range of picnic tables at North West Timber Treatments means that you will find the perfect one to suit your space and family, no matter the size of either.

Also, despite Britain’s unpre­dic­table climate, we all love to entertain, so make the most of summer this year and use our garden furniture to impress and improve.

Decorative Aggregates

Decorative Aggregates come in many shapes, sizes, and colours.  The one thing they have in common is the ability to add character and sense of uniqueness to any garden of any size. One of the most popular aggregates being sold at the moment are Blue Slate Chippings.

It comes as no surprise to us that they are flying out the door, but they were a best kept secret for garden lovers for years now.

Blue Slate Chippings are extremely low maintenance as long as they are used in conjunction with a weed membrane to keep weeds from making your design look messy and untidy.

It is also essential that if you are thinking of using a slate chipping that you look into buying some form of retaining that will prevent the chippings from straying and spoiling the pattern.

A decorative aggregate is a great and simple way of making a front garden low maintenance, covering a pathway, or creating a unique look by filling in the space between plantings, paving’s, and sleepers.

Depending on which aggregate you choose to use, it can help any gardener achieve a modern or more classic look in their garden.


Our garden sleepers are incredibly versatile and make a garden look modern and chic through pure effor­tlessness. Although originally and continually used for retaining purposes, these sleepers now offer an easy alternative for livening up a space on your property.

Sleepers look great when surrounding decorative plants as an edging between them and your lawn or plantings. This is because of their natural yet modern charac­te­ristics that make them appealing to any gardener on any project.

Our most popular rustic sleeper boasts curved edges and a natural look finish that makes it perfect when you are going for a simple yet clean look, as they will blend in well with any plantings and garden personality, while also adding an element of separation from any other area in your garden.

Here at NWTT we have many options when it comes to sleepers as we believe that any project can use them to add another element of distinction from any other garden.

Get the perfect path this summer with NWTT Timber Supplies. From the treated timber and aggregate to the gorgeous decorative gravel, we have everything you need available today. NWTT - transforming the outdoors.

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