North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

NWTT Timber Supplies - Now with ISO Accre­dita­ti­on!

The first stage of the audit took place on Monday 12th January 2015 and, after successful completion, was followed by a more detailed second-stage audit on Monday 2nd March 2015. Following this second audit, the auditor, from ISOQAAR, recommended ac­cre­dita­tion for NWTT Timber Supplies.

The International Organization for Standardisa­ti­on (ISO) is a body composed of rep­re­sen­ta­tiv­es from standards or­ga­nisa­ti­ons around the world, who create and promote commercial, industrial and prop­ri­etorial standards around the world. With over 160 member states, the reach of the ISO is remarkable.

Members of the ISO are recognised authorities in their fields and the standards are developed by more than 250 specialised technical committees. Companies which achieve ISO status have proven their ability to meet standards in a number of recognised sectors of their industries and the use of the ISO logo, a registered trademark, is severely restricted to ensure consistent standards.

ISOQAAR, the governing body, will soon be awarding our official ISO certificate, for which we have already cleared a space on the wall! The certificate will be the physical rep­re­sen­ta­tion of all the hard work NWTT Timber Merchants have been carrying out over the last 18 months as we have planned for and implemented the ISO system into its everyday working environment.

ISO standards are used for countless applications but ISO14001, the Inter­nati­onal Standard for Envi­ron­men­tal Management Systems, is the relevant ac­cre­dita­ti­on for NWTT. The following key areas have been examined, analysed and optimised as part of our new ISO ac­creditation:

  • Identifying the orga­nisa­ti­on’­s Significant En­vi­ronmental Aspects

  • Identifying applicable Envi­ron­mental Legislation

  • Setting Objectives and Targets for continual improvement towards Significant Aspects

  • Monitoring and Checking Performances of Objectives and Targets

  • Waste Management System

We would like to thank all of the talented and hardworking staff at NWTT Building Supplies for their contribution to achieving ISO accre­dita­ti­on. Keep it green!

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