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About our social media

Lately, we have been very active on our social media pages, trying to interact with you guys as much as we can to keep you updated on everything going on behind the scenes and on the forefront of things. We have a huge array of content which we provide regularly for our followers such as, weekly offers, compe­titions, news & updates and much more.

Throughout the week, we will post regular updates regarding special offers, making our followers the first to know about anything we have on sale at that current time. We also post weekly stories on Instagram such as ‘Q&A Wednesdays’ where we give the customers the chance to ask any questions they want answering whether that be about a certain product they are looking to buy, or even any recom­men­dations to use for specific aspects of their household as well as general advice regarding what we sell. Another thing we do is post regular competitions where the customer has a chance to win in-store or online rewards such as vouchers and discounts off future orders.

On our Instagram we give customers the opportunity to tag us in posts so we can see the great job they have done with our products when we can showcase them for our followers to see. This also helps out followers if they come to our page looking for some inspiration to replicate in their house or garden. We always enjoy it when customers tag us in posts as we love looking at how far our products can go and enjoy taking a look at the creative ways people use these products for their home.

As well as all this, we post any relevant news and updates regarding things like opening hours, special offers, and any relevant news which may directly affect stock and lead times. As you may know, this has been an issue all year round, not just at NWTT but nationwide.

We also try to utilize our social media presence to monitor enquiries from our customers as we feel like this is a much easier form of contact for the people who don’t have the time to phone up or email and enquiry across. That’s why we always leave our Inbox & DM’s open for you to send over your enquiries of which we will always reply to within the working hours of the day.

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