North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

What does the extension of restrictions mean for NWTT?

This weekend should have been our first weekend back to normal life. Unfor­tunately, as you all will have heard, we have had to be pushed back an extra few weeks due to the delta variant of Covid-19.

What does this mean for us?

Absolutely nothing. NWTT as a company have worked nonstop all through the pandemic to ensure customers can get their products right on time to continue jobs, lockdown projects or essential repair and have no plans to slow down. Although recently our lead times have been quite long, we are well on the way to pushing these right back down to where they were to assure speedy delivery and quick service. We have helped all trades continue their work in these troubling times and will carry on supplying to them long after this virus is behind us.

What can I do to pass the time?

Why not get that new garden look you have been wanting all year? Upgrade those old fence panels? Build yourself a shed in the garden for relaxing in all year round? Whatever you do, we will have you covered! Stocking everything you could possibly need for all your DIY. Prepare yourself for the return of normal life by creating your desired garden and blow all your guests away this summer.

Here are some great examples of what some happy customers on Instagram have done with our products.



Both Customers have made great use of our railway sleepers to construct flower beds to make borders and really transform their garden space to give them that sleek and modern look to create an eye-catching look for their home.

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