North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

North West Timber... But what else?

You may know NWTT as your local, friendly timber merchants but what you may not have known is that we don’t just sell timber! We have a whole range of other things too, and throughout this blog we are going to tell you exactly what they are!

Concrete Posts & Panels
No fencing job can be complete without concrete posts and panels, so we make sure that we keep the stocks high and the variety, coming in different sizes and types to fit in any garden, our wide range of concrete posts are intermediate posts, corner posts, end posts and more! As well as there being two different styles for our concrete base panels, the plain base panel and the rock faced.
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Plastering Products

Plasterers… Not to worry, we’ve got you covered too! Here at NWTT we have a huge range of plasterboards, in different sizes, thicknesses and variations; Making sure that you’re never short of what you need! As well as this we also sell all the plasters, coving, beading and accessories that you could possibly need to get the job done!
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Fixings & Sealants
No timber job is complete without using any screws, nails, bolts or some form of adhesive. That’s why we make sure that we always have everything available online and in all of our stores so what if you’re ever running low, you know exactly where to find some even at the very last minute! Huge ranges of sizes, pack quantities and sometimes, you may find just what you need on special offer!
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Garden/­Landscaping products
Picture this, you’re online looking for the timber you need for your garden project, but you’re stuck on where to get everything else from. At NWTT, everything else you could need is already right in front of you. if that be flags, paving, soils, fascia’s, guttering, decorative or building aggregates and much more! Anything you could need in terms of size, weight, style and colour can be bought right here at NWTT, so why not take a look here?

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