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Nexus Porcelain Primer

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The projoint primer is an ultra-high polymer and fibre modified flexible waterproofing primer with excellent work ability and adhesion properties. Applied in one coat for fast application to promote adhesion and control suction on difficult substrates such as porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles, paving tiles, paving slabs or setts.
The powdered primer is supplied in two 10kg bags to allow the bucket to act as the ideal mixing vessel with the simple addition of water.
Projoint primer is designed to be applied to the underside of the porcelain paving and other low absorption substrates too promote adhesion. The underside of the paving should be clean, dry and free of any material which may impair adhesion - do not apply to shiny surfaces. Do not use in wet weather and do not use if frost is forecast within 24 hours of application. Suitable for temperatures between 3 degrees and 25 degrees.
Projoint primer should be mixed with 2.8 litres of cold clean water per 10kg bag. Remove the bag from the bucket and add the water to the mixing container. Add the powder slowly and mix using a plasterers' whisk. Mix for 2 minutes, leave standing for 2 minutes then re-mix - this process allows the polymer additives to dissolve and activate.
Apply a thorough and even coat of the primer as a slurry using a masonry brush or roller to the underside of the paving. The pot life of the mixed slurry is approximately 60 minutes at 20 degrees. The primer should be completely dry prior to laying the paving. Depending on temperature and moisture, primer will be dry withing 10 to 15 minutes however primed slabs can be left undercover and dry for up to 24 hours prior to laying.
Approximate coverage per 20kg tub is 21.5m2 depending on the application method and paving porosity.
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