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Multi - Hole Post

Multi Hole Post
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Multi Hole posts provide strength and durability to your fencing and are not susceptible to rot in the ground.­ Manuf­ac­tured using a high grade wet concrete mix and good quality steel rein­for­cement for maximum strength, the longevity of these posts will far outlive their timber alternative. Multi hole posts are reinforced concrete posts used for the fitting of both chainlink fencing and other similar appli­cations. They are also commonly used for post & rail fencing, rails can be secured to the post using coach bolts, then cladded using a variety of pales including feather edge. The Posts are 4″ x 4″ and have 10mm holes every 6″ down the post. 

What size posts should I order?

When ordering concrete posts it is important that you take into account the height out of the ground. Our posts are suitable for the following:

5'0" Concrete Post - (Overall Height 3ft)

6'0" Concrete Post -  (Overall Height 4ft)

7'0 Concrete Post - (Overall Height 5ft)

8'0" Concrete Post -  (Overall Height 6ft)

9'0" Concrete Post - (Overall Height 7ft)

Posts should be a minimum of two foot below ground level, when possible, using two bags of sufficient Postmix.

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All sizes are approx.

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