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Laying Artificial Grass: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone likes the aesthetic appearance of a lawn but keeping it healthy and looking great involves a lot of work. That's why more and more people are choosing artificial grass as an alternative, giving your property that well-groomed look while saving you lots of time and money. Here's our step by step guide on how to successfully install an artificial grass lawn.

  • Preparation. If you're replacing natural grass then you'll need to dig out the existing turf first. Then you can lay a sub-base to promote proper drainage and provide a solid foundation: compact this in two layers.
  • Level off. Spread a layer of sand to a depth of around 20mm and smooth it evenly over the sub base. Compact this layer, check depths and add or remove sand as required. 
  • Add membrane. A geotextile membrane will prevent weeds growing through but will still allow the soil to breathe. A selection of these fabrics is available on our website. Overlap the sheets of membrane by about 30cm.
  • Roll out the artificial turf. Make sure the pile faces towards the main viewpoint and allow around 5cm of extra grass on each side. You don't have to line up the roll ends exactly; in fact, doing this will result in a less natural final appearance.
  • Trim and tidy. Using a sharp knife, trim rough edges away. Make sure the rolls are placed neatly together to avoid the base showing through.
  • Stick. Fold back the edges and apply adhesive or tape evenly. Try to prevent blades of grass getting onto the glue. Sweep the edges of joins to conceal them.
  • Pin down. If using a timber frame, secure the grass to it with screws, glue to the haunch of an edging block. Brush edges to disguise the appearance of pins in the ground.
  • Finishing touches. Sweep the entire surface of the lawn to remove any loose blades or bits of debris. Use a stiff brush to sweep sand directly into the pile, distributing evenly so that no excess can be seen.
  • Enjoy! After a short curing process of a few hours, your new lawn is ready to use.

Check out our website for more details and please send us your photographs!

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