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Lay a Garden Patio

This project is fairly straight forward and simple. With the paving slabs, depending on their weight, you may need an extra pair on hands to help you. Before you start any How To, please read all the steps thoroughly so that if you have any queries, you can contact us on 01942 720777, and ask our team to clarify for you. Don't forget you can also message us on Facebook, or tweet us. 

For this How to...You will need:

Paving Slabs Rake Wacker Plate (optional) Hardcore •Wooden Pegs •Spirit Level •Mortar Mix •Wheelbarrow •Rubber Mallet •Spacer

Step 1 
Dig down to a depth of around in the area that you will be paving to a depth of around 15cm to allow room for the hardcore, mortar and paving slabs. Lay 5cm - 8cms of hardcore, once laid out use a rake to make sure that the hardcore as flat and there are no bumps.

Step 2 
Use a wacker plate to compact and level the hardcore. This step is not essential, but it stops the rubble from moving while applying the Paving and provides a solid base that is unlikely to move and shift.

Step 3 
Using a hammer place some wooden pegs into your surface, these all need to be level as these will be the markers for your Patio. Make sure they're level with any existing paving and manhole covers. Place several over the site, using a spirit level or piece of timber to make sure they are all level

Step 4 
If you are going for a random design, place a few different sized Slabs in the center of your surface to see which slabs interlock well together. Alter­natively use paper as markers and move those around until you get an idea for the design.

Step 5 
Next make your mortar mix – one part cement to five parts building sand. Lay the slabs on a layer of mortar between 5cm to 8cm deep, once they are positioned tap down firmly with a mallet, making sure each slab is level to the pegs you put down earlier. As you go along make sure you leave a 1cm gap between each slab, which will be filled with mortar later.

Step 6
Once all the slabs are laid make sure to wash them down thoroughly so they will not be stained by any Mortar on top of them.

Step 7
Using a pointed trowel fill the gaps between the Slabs with your mortar, be careful not to get and mortar on top of the slabs, as this will stain them if allowed to set.

Step 8
Allow time for the mortar to set, then enjoy your new patio!

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