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Kiln Dried Sand (25KG BAG)

Kiln Dried Sand
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Kiln dried sand Is very dry fine sand that contains no moisture. The sand is used to fill the joints of block paving and paving slabs. By filling the joints with kiln dried sand you keep the structure of the paving rigid and strong. It also stops the ingress of water & stops the paving from moving and becoming loose.

The sand is dried in a kiln to remove all the water before it is ready to use. The sand is supplied bagged and dry. It is an extremely fine sand that will flow easily into the joints and gaps in block paving and paving slabs.

The sand in between the joints of block paving prevents water from penetrating the paved area and locks the individual pavers together stopping them from moving. If the joints of block paving are left without kiln dried sand, they may sink due to water penetration and the blocks will become loose over time.

Available in 25kg Bags.

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