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Insulation Materials: The R Value

There isn't long to go until the winter weather starts to kick in and so it's the perfect time to install insulation in all types of property. Whether you're a competent DIYer or building profes­sional, you'll find all types of insulation materials here at NWTT. In addition to our signature competitive prices, you'll also find even further discounts on Celotex Insulation Panels and Knauf Combi Loft Roll in our October Offers.

Each different type of insulation material has a corres­pon­dingly different resistance to heat flow. This thermal resistance is measured and rated in terms of 'R Value': the higher this value, the more effective the insulating material is. The R Value depends on several factors, including insulation type, thickness and density.

Whatever type of insulation material is used, it's going to increase the R Value of the structure it is installed in. Generally speaking, increasing the thickness of the insulation material will increase R Value propor­ti­onately: this is however not the case with loose-fill insulation, where the product's settled density increases due to compression.

It is not only the type of insulation that has an impact on R Values: how and where the insulation is installed is also a factor. Things like thermal bridging, where heat flows more easily through joists and studs, will affect the overall R Value of any given wall or ceiling. The local climate and the type of heating/­cooling systems a structure has also play a part in determining final R Value.

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