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Increased Living Costs

Blog – Increased Living costs

As you will be aware, the cost of living is increasing and has been for a while now. This year began with the fuel prices increasing drastically. This was then followed by huge increases in gas and electricity prices putting them at an all-time high.  Now moving ahead, we are seeing food problems with things such as wheat and cooking oils due to the current situation in Ukraine, which has driven up food costs here in the UK.

We we’re told by government advisors that inflation was expected to be 10% by the end of the year, but Wednesday’s news of it already being at 9%, means we might already be at 10% by the summer. This is getting us thinking… what could it be at by the end of the year!? Some believe its higher already depending upon what you’re buying,  this is causing many homes to struggle to make ends meet and unfortunately does not seem to be improving for the foreseeable future!

NWTT will do our absolute best to continue keep our prices competitive and email out the special offers as and when possible, so don’t forget to sign up for the emailed offers if you haven’t already done so, especially as our standard building work, essential products to vary so much week in week out from one merchant to the next.

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