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Incised Timber Supplies from NWTT

The process involves treating timber with a wood preservative which will protect it from the elements and keep it looking good and standing firm. Incised timber, available from NWTT Timber Merchants, helps the process along.

The process of incising timber involves cutting a row of incisions into the wood which will enable wood preser­va­tives to soak much deeper than if the timber were not incised. First patented in 1911 in Austria, the method had become the industry standard in the US and Canada by the 1950s and has been proven to comply with UC4 penetration requirements of the comparable British Standard.

Shallow, regular incisions ensure that wood preservative treatments penetrate in a uniform manner, dramatically extending the life expectancy of the fencing timber by protecting it from inclement weather. As well as helping the preservative process, the incisions give the timber a very distinct and attractive appearance that is complemented by Celcure treatment with a green, brown or clear coating. Check out our handy Treatment Guide to get instant info on Celcure.

NWTT Timber Supplies offer a full complement of post sizes that can be supplied for ground contact only or fully incised. The timber is suitable for a range of applications from garden fencing to large-scale agricultural use and, like all of our timber supplies, is absolutely guaranteed to be of the very highest quality.

Get your garden or outdoor space looking great for summer by choosing from our collection of incised timber. For more information on our range of fencing options, which includes everything from posts to panels, please contact our team.

We can offer clear, competent and professional advice and support, whatever your fencing project - call us today to find out more!

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