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Incised Timber from NWTT

Timber used for fencing is almost always treated with wood preservative to prolong its useful life, protecting the wood from weather and keeping it structurally and aesthe­tic­ally sound. The process of 'incising', wherein many small incisions are made into the surface of a piece of timber to allow preservative treatments deeper penetration, is a great help in achieving an extended service life of fencing.

Incising technology dates back to 1911, when it was tested and patented in Austria. Several improvements were made as time progressed and, by the 1950s, incised timber started to become standard in North America and Canada, where it continues to be widely used to this day. The tried, tested and trusted incising practice has been proven to meet and exceed UC4 penetration requirements of the applicable British Standard, providing consistent, uniform penetration of wood preservative treatments and giving a 15-year timber life expectancy.

The regular, shallow incisions give the incised timber a distinctive appearance that is complemented by a Celcure AC-500 Class 4 treatment in green, clear or brown to suit any aesthetic. Available from NWTT in a compre­hen­sive choice of post sizes and supplied either fully-incised or for ground contact only, these quality pieces of timber are suitable for any application from garden fencing to large-scale contracts.

Our incised posts are, like our entire range of timber supplies, guaranteed to be of the highest quality at the most competitive price. For all of your contract and domestic fencing needs, call our team today on 01942 720777 or email us at

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