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Home & Garden Trends 2022

With the weather being so on and off lately and you never knowing when its going to be hot and clear skies or windy and rainy, you’re probably thinking, how will I ever be able to maintain my garden and home while the weather is so inconsistent? Well, that’s what we are here for! In this weeks blog we will be going over a few key things you need to maintain your home & garden.

Treated Timber

Treated timber is a must for outdoor use, especially on your fencing and landscaping requirements. Its preservative values help against rot & wood boring insects therefore increasing it’s life expectancy, providing you maintain your timber coatings such as preservatives and stains.

Rainwater Systems

Rainwater systems are key to a good, free flowing water track in your home. If installed to the correct standard and maintained regularly, they should give you no problems whatsoever when the rainy days come along, and things start to overflow. And with a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problems at all making them look nice and stylish on your home, all the while keeping it from any pesky floods and leaks!


Aggregates are also a great thing to use for soaking up the rain when it starts to heavily pour, due to the small gaps it leaves between once placed down it allows water to soak through right into the soil not only giving nutrients to the ground but making sure it doesn’t drown it in the process. They also change shade when wet, giving off a fantastic, natural look in the garden once the rain has passed.


Paving is a great choice for your home as it can add some character to the living space, due to its solid, even surface it makes for a great sitting area where tables and chairs can be set up for you and your family/friends to enjoy some quality time together.


on the really rainy days why not clear out the loft for more storage using our new inexpensive loft ladders and some flooring grade chipboard, loft insulation, wall insulation and plywood line to hopefully lower those winter bills!

All the things mentioned above are available in store and online at NWTT, so if this blog has made you think any of these items might be perfect for you, then why not head over to our side and see what we have to offer!

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