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Grade 13 Ball Bearing Hinges

  • HIN1433-13BSS
  • HIN1433-13PVD
  • HIN1433-13SSS
Product code HIN1433
  • £8.91
  • £10.69

Grade 13 Ball Bearing P Hinge, Square and Radius Options. Grade 13 Ball Bearing Hinge, Square and Radius Options. Max Load 120kg). The most popular type of door hinge on the market today. They have a CE mark and are Certifire tested. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. Ball bearing hinges have always been very popular for their smooth operation, durability, long lasting design and ability to carry heavier loads than washered hinges. For standard internal residential doors a pair of hinges is adequate;­  however fitting 3 hinges per door has its advantages. It will look aesthe­tic­ally pleasing and from a practical viewpoint it helps spread the load evenly and will help to overcome twisting or warping. This can sometimes happen to doors over a period of time where heat and moisture are a factor. Comes with a 5 year mechanical guarantee and are fire door rated.

Our 13 Hinge comes available in three grades, BSS, SSS, or PVD.

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