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Garden Playhouses: The Ultimate Summer Gift?

We all enjoy spending a little quality time in the garden during warm weather but children enjoy it more than anyone else. You can increase that level of enjoyment even further with a quality timber playhouse from NWTT: here are details on our eclectic range...

Swiss Chalet PlayhouseOllie PlayhouseOllie Playhouse

Swiss Chalet Playhouse

The Swiss Chalet is one of the most attractive structural styles and is instantly recog­ni­sable. This playhouse is modelled on that charming, sophis­ticated and elegant style and is available in a choice of sizes from the compact 6' x 4' to the luxuriously-grand 8' x 6'.

Ollie Playhouse

Featuring an exciting patio, the Ollie Playhouse will make an attractive addition to any garden with its gorgeous pink colour. The playhouse is elevated on four sturdy legs and is reached by its very own set of steps. For the ultimate finishing touch, add an optional slide exit!

Abby Playhouse

This is our last word in summer playhouses and might be more accurately referred to as a play mansion! Designed to an impressive scale of 10' x 6', the Abby Playhouse has a truly-arresting asymmetric roof and, for the complete effect, add our optional veranda.

All of these playhouses are made using timber of the highest quality. The timber is tanalised, a process that involves chemically preserving the precious wood, making it durable enough to stand outdoors all year round, whatever the weather. Each playhouse can also be supplied with an attractive logroll finish.

Check out more details on the product pages and buy the ultimate summer gift!

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